Luscious: appealing strongly to the senses; pleasingly rich.

22 September 2014 by Kate Giles | 0 Comments

Just occasionally, something or someone comes along, and they stop you in your tracks.

I have been working in the wine industry for a very long time. I’ve met some wonderful people, and tried some exceptional wines.

And now I am having to rethink much of what I know about vineyard management, and winemaking, and all because of Dell’uva Wines

I have been lucky enough to join the Dell’uva team in the last few months, and to try the current release wines, and those in barrels yet to be bottled. Wayne has taken me around the property, and sent me countless research papers, and has explained what is really a pretty simple premise: Dell’uva is a vineyard built on science and research, and the wines are layered, complex, and ultimately incredibly drinkable, enjoyable styles as a result of this science and research.

The wines – to me – look more like their European styles than typically Australian styles of wines. They are vibrant, and rich, elegant and fine, and for want of a better pair of words, they are really pretty and luscious.

I could talk about viticulture. Or winemaking. Or use the technical terms to assess and describe the wines. I do that on a daily basis for my work.

But here? Here, I would just like to talk about the wines as a wine lover.

These wines surprise me. They are an exploration. There are so many different wines (18 at last count!) but each is a pure individual. There are no weak links. Just wines I am really enjoying drinking.

Many of the varieties might be unusual to most. For me, this opens up the scope for discovery. Finding a new favourite wine is a great thing. Finding a range that continues to amaze and understand? Rare.

For me, Dell’uva is a discovery. I hope I get the chance to introduce you to my discovery too.