Syrah 2012 Museum Stock

This Syrah is part of our Museum Stock.

As there are no label integrity rules in Australia many people call their Shiraz "Syrah".  Syrah is French name for the variety and our Syrah is made from a range of clones we have imported from France. 

In France a nasty bug called Phylloxera wiped out all the vineyards in the mid to late 1800's. Since then Syrah has been growing grafted on various Rootstocks (different species) that are Phylloxera tolerant resulting in natural variation taking place over the 150 years. 

The style and flavor profile of Syrah made at Dell'uva Wines from these clones tend to be medium to full bodied and display softer tannins with flavors of blackberries , mint and black pepper. Our Barossa Shiraz is more consistently full bodied with medium to high levels of tannins, plum fruits with notes of liquorice and earthy leather.

Our Dell'uva Wines Syrah has garnet red colour, aromas of ripe plums and blackcurrants with a hint of french oak. Great mouth feel with plums, black fruits a hint of anissed and soft velvety tannins.