Saperavi 2016 *New Release*

SaperaviSaperavi originates in Georgia (Eastern Europe) dating back thousands of years and is the most important for Georgian wine culture and produces deep red wines which are suitable for extended periods of ageing: up to 50 years. Saperavi grapes are known for their dark pink flesh and very dark skins, from which they get their name (from the Georgian საფერავი, literally "paint" or "dye"). It is a teinurier grape, containing the red anthocyanin within the grape pulp as well as the skin.

Our Dell'uva Wines Saperavi shows rich black fruits along with savoury, gamey and cloves on the nose. The colour is intense purple; its inky hues are intensely perfumed, with dark fruits, cacoa, coffee bean and anise, the oak is finely tuned to balance the intensity of the wine. Not a shy wine, this will deliver for very many years. A must have for the cellar.