Handmade in Italy. The Centellino is Italy’s premier by the glass, wine decanter patented and lab certified. The Centellino is a 100% original mouth-blown Italian glass, top-of-the-bottle wine decanter and aerator.

The history of the Centellino, also known as centello or ciantello dates back to ancient times. The Latin name was ” cyatulus”, diminutive of ” cyatus”, taken from the Greek “kyathos” derived from the verb ” kyo” which means “to pour”.

After time, the Centellino took the form of a ladle and was used in medieval refreshment houses to pour a proper serving of wine, much to the traveller’s delight.

With the coming of glass and the storing of wine in flasks and bottles, skilled artisans designed a Centellino using mouth-blown techniques. Today, the Centellino graces tables by pouring and oxidizing the perfect portion of wine, making drinking your wine a more pleasurable experience.