Verdicchio 2016

VerdicchioThe Verdicchio vine has been cultivated in the regions of east central Italy, to which it is probably native, since the 1300s, but virtually nowhere else. Named for the yellow-green hue of the grapes. Verdicchio is “the favourite son” making it the most important white grape in the east central region of Italy.

At Dell’uva Wines estate vineyard we were the first South Australia producer of Verdicchio. Depending on vinification techniques Verdicchio wines can be rich in bouquet and structure, sometimes even capable of ageing for ten years or more.

Verdicchio’s pale colour, the nose displays floral, perfume and lavender with some of those pink/purple confectionery lollies from way back. wonderful flavours of dried mango and a soft finish on the palette rounds out this lovely varietal. this wine is a superb match with Asian and spicy foods.